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Say Goodbye to the Rainy Season with us!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

November has arrived, and with the beginning of this month the weather has become radiant. If you are tired of the rain and water - Koh Rong would be a heavenly choice! Visit Treehouse Bungalows and awake in the paradise.

About Us

Welcome to the Tree House Bungalows, opened in 2008, a resort located in a privileged setting at the front beach of Koh Rong. In the resort surroundings, we have our Private Beach, Four K Beach, White Beach, several shopping centers, restaurants, bars and pubs. The TreeHouse Bungalows Resort is located on the beachfront and we have our own private pier for your use.

About our weather

The temperatures in Koh Rong do not fluctuate much throughout the year, but they are slightly warmer during the months of May, April, and June. While the temperatures are hot, it is usually the humidity that makes the island feel hotter during those months. The humidity is at its lowest during the months of December and January - which is why those months always seem much cooler - and the perfect time to visit!

Treehouse Bungalows is an ideal location in the heart of Koh Rong!

Contact us to book your stay.

📨 Treehouse Bungalows 📲 +855 15 755 594 WhatsApp/Telegram 📧 🌐

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